Two reasons to hire a professional to deep clean your garage

27 February 2019
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If your garage is extremely dirty, it is best to get it deep-cleaned by a professional. Read on to find out why.

DIY attempts to clean concrete floors and walls are likely to be ineffective and may cause damage

Most garages feature bare concrete floors and walls. If this is the case with your garage, then it is important to use the services of a cleaner that offers concrete cleaning. Attempting to remove stains and dirt from a concrete wall or floor by yourself is likely to yield poor results and may even cause damage to these surfaces. For example, things like dishwashing liquid and other surfactant-based products are not usually effective at removing old stains from concrete. Additionally, there are quite a few common household cleaning products that can damage concrete. Any acid-based DIY cleaning products (like vinegar, for instance) can erode concrete if used neat and left on a concrete surface for too long.

Furthermore, if you try to use a pressure washer on the concrete surfaces in your garage and you are unused to using this powerful piece of equipment, you may end up making an error that will cause serious damage to the floors and walls. For example, if you place the nozzle of the pressure washer too close to the floor, turn it onto its highest setting or use it on one area for too long, the concrete may crumble as a result of being subjected to too much water pressure.

As such, it is best to get these surfaces professionally cleaned. A person who specialises in concrete cleaning will not only understand which products are both safe and effective to use on this type of material but will also understand how to use equipment like the aforementioned pressure washer, without causing damage.

Cleaning up residual debris from historic pest infestations or damp problems can be hazardous

Due to the fact that they tend to be poorly-sealed and used infrequently, garages often end up damp and infested with pests. If these issues have occurred in your garage at any point in the past, then it is sensible to arrange for the employees of a cleaning company to carry out the deep-clean for you.

The residual waste products and mould left behind by pests and damp issues, respectively, could be dangerous to clean up if you are ill-equipped for this process. For example, if you don't have access to a heavy-duty respirator, you could end up inhaling pathogens when you try to remove dried-up rat or mouse excrement or mould spores when you attempt to clean damp areas. This could result in you becoming very ill.

Conversely, a professional cleaner will be well-aware of the risks associated with cleaning in this type of environment and will arrive equipped with all of the safety equipment that they need to protect themselves whilst they are doing their job.