How to Get Rid of Persistent Black Mould

4 April 2023
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Black mould is a common problem in many homes, but it doesn't have to be. It's important to identify the source of the problem and take steps to prevent it from returning. So, what are some of the best ways to stop black mould from appearing on your property? Continue reading for four prevention methods.

Identifying the Source of the Problem

The first step in getting rid of black mould is identifying what's causing it. This can be tricky because there are many possible sources, such as high humidity levels, water leaks, or poor ventilation. If you're dealing with an ongoing black mould problem, start by taking a look around your home for any signs of water damage or dampness—these often point to the source of the issue. Once you've identified where the mould is coming from, you can begin taking steps to prevent it from recurring.

Creating a Dry Environment

Mould needs moisture to grow and spread, so creating a dry environment is key to preventing it from returning. This means making sure that areas prone to dampness (such as bathrooms or basements) are well-ventilated and that any leaks are repaired promptly. You should also invest in dehumidifiers for rooms with high humidity levels and use them regularly throughout the year. Additionally, avoid using carpet in areas where moisture may be an issue—tile flooring is much better at repelling moisture and preventing mould growth than carpeting is.

Cleaning Regularly

Regular cleaning can go a long way towards keeping your home free from black mould. Make sure that you clean all surfaces thoroughly—especially those prone to dampness—and pay extra attention to areas like windowsills and doorjambs where dust and dirt can accumulate over time. You should also vacuum carpets and upholstery, as these are often breeding grounds for mildew spores which can lead to black mould growth if left unchecked. Finally, try using natural disinfectants such as vinegar or baking soda instead of chemical-based cleaners whenever possible. These will help keep your home clean without introducing harsh chemicals into your living space which could make existing problems worse over time.

Ask the Professionals

The key to permanently getting rid of black mould is prevention. Identify the source, create a dry environment and clean regularly, and this should go a long way towards ensuring that your home stays free from unwanted mildew spores. Still, it can often be hard to get rid of a persistent problem, and it's often a good idea to call in the experts. If you've run out of ideas or would rather not get involved with this nasty substance, bring in some mould removal professionals instead.