Developing an Effective Cleaning Strategy for Your Health Clinic

10 November 2020
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While cleanliness is a critical part of most company operations, it is the lifeline of the health industry. Indeed, healthcare centres require the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Without a clean environment, bacteria and viruses could quickly spread among patients, workers, and guests, turning the healthcare centre into a high-risk environment.

This is why you should be proactive in developing a cleaning strategy for your health clinic. Because each location is different, you should consider specific factors that may affect sanitation in your environment.  

Use the right products

Any effective cleaning strategy begins with using the right products. A professional cleaning service can inspect your health clinic to determine which products are necessary for walls, floors, treatment areas, restrooms, and patient rooms. The idea is to know what's most effective against germs without affecting the safety of your property. For example, organic disinfectants can kill germs in patient rooms without increasing the risk of infection.

Chemical reagents may be more suitable for bathrooms and other high-risk areas, making your cleanliness strategy more effective for the entire clinic. There are also innovative cleaners you can use that contain commercial disinfectants while meeting high safety and environmental standards.

Paying attention to detail

Pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, can quickly spread if you don't pay attention to detail. Hidden or hard-to-reach surfaces such as walls, underneath countertops, staircases, and floor corners can provide the perfect breeding ground for germs. This is why your cleaning strategy should be detailed enough to focus on such areas while using the right products.

Incorporate employees into the process

A cleaning strategy will not be effective without input from employees. Your workers are the ones who know the specific sanitation challenges they face, including scheduling for cleaning times and preparing patient rooms for treatment.

Your employees will uncover ways to improve sanitation standards while better protecting themselves, patients, and guests from infection.   

Extra focus on high-touch surfaces

While many establishments can ignore high-touch surfaces such as countertops, door handles, and staircase railings, these areas could easily spread infections in your health clinic. Your cleaning strategy should always provide extra attention to high-contact surfaces. Make sure you develop a schedule for frequently disinfecting these areas.

By keeping the risk of infection low, you'll be able to focus on more critical tasks while enjoying a cleaner environment. Furthermore, dedicating resources to cleaning high-touch surfaces will prevent you from ignoring these areas and making costly sanitation mistakes.

For help with cleaning, contact a commercial cleaning service.