Construction Waste Management: Three Practical Tips for Using Rubbish Chutes

16 October 2018
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Storeyed construction worksites can generate a lot of rubbish such as demolition debris, supplies packaging, scrap and building materials cut-off. If the garbage is not managed properly, there will be chaos on the worksite. The rubbish will cause numerous hazards on the site. In addition, the space will be disorganised, causing inefficiencies. Therefore, you should plan on managing your waste effectively by using a rubbish or garbage chute. This structure will ensure quick and efficient worksite clean-up of the garbage on the upper floors of your worksite. Here are simple guidelines to help you get the best out of your rubbish chutes.

Choose the Right Rubbish Chute

You should choose the right garbage chute for your construction site for effective rubbish removal. In general, when selecting a chute, you should evaluate critical factors such as the fabrication material, chute size and load resistance. It is important to ensure that these aspects are compatible with the trash generated on the worksite. You should also consider the noise levels during disposal. The chute should not produce loud sounds when materials are thrown in. For instance, linear polyethylene chutes are low noise structures because of their fabrication.

Plan for Secure Installation

You should make certain that the chute is set upon the worksite correctly before use. If the structure is not installed securely, it can become dislodged and disassembled during use. This type of incident could cause injuries to the workers on the site, and some property damage might also occur. Moreover, when the chute is not properly set up, it might not perform efficiently during waste removal. Under ideal circumstances, your chute should be set up by an experienced waste management company. If you decide to handle the work without a specialised crew, you must ensure that the chute is secured on the upper part to the scaffolds with chains. The lower part must also be connected to the bin using a rope.

Avoid Disposing Carelessly

It is crucial for the construction workers to use the rubbish chute correctly to avoid mishaps. The users should learn that all types of waste cannot be thrown into the chute. Otherwise, the rubbish removal system will sustain damage. For instance, the chute can be torn due to contact with jagged materials. Heavy construction waste can cause blockages, and the excess weight will cause the chute to sag and even fall apart. If the chute does get blocked, you should ensure that the channel is cleared immediately to avoid escalation and system failure.