A Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Office Sanitary

4 June 2018
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The bathroom is one of the communal rooms in your office that can get dirty and unsanitary if not maintained. Unfortunately, an unclean bathroom is not something you want in your facility. Not only does it increase the risk of illness, but it can also taint your business image to clients and visitors. That's why you need to be on top of your cleaning game to ensure that the facility is sanitary and safe to use at all times. Here is a simple daily, weekly, and monthly checklist that will help you keep your office bathroom clean.

Daily cleaning

Due to the level of foot traffic experienced in the bathroom, it is essential to mop the floors on a regular basis. If possible, the bathroom can also be cleaned two or three times a day depending on the number of people that use it. In addition to mopping the floors, you also want to check the trash bin and ensure that it is not full. If it is, remove the bin liner, dump it in your dumpster or rubbish chute and put in a clean one. Lastly, check the toilets, urinals, and sinks to ensure that they are clean and smelling fresh. Use disinfectant products when cleaning the flooring and other surfaces to keep germs out of the bathroom.

Weekly cleaning

In addition to the daily bathroom cleaning, other things should be done at least once a week to keep the room sanitary. Weekly cleaning is a little more thorough, and it should include scrubbing of the flooring to get rid of stubborn stains and dir that wouldn't be eliminated using water and a mop. Scrub all the surfaces, including the bathroom countertops, toilet seats, and sinks. Disinfect door handles, light switches, soap dispensers, and the toilet flushing handles and buttons. Your weekly cleaning should be done during off hours to avoid disruptions.

Monthly cleaning

Some areas of the bathroom are usually neglected, yet they also contribute to creating a suitable environment in the office. These include the air vents, doors, shelves, walls, and windows. If your air vents accumulate dust, they will affect the air quality in your bathroom. Similarly, dirty windows and walls can adversely affect the appearance of the room. These are the areas that you should strive to clean at least once a month.

A cleaning checklist helps to ensure that every area of your bathroom is cleaned, either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Work with a commercial cleaning company who can understand your cleaning needs and deliver quality services.