Laundry vs. Dry Cleaning: How to Choose the Best Cleaning Method for Your Office Curtains

12 March 2018
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Are your office curtains looking dull and old? That's because you haven't cleaned them for ages. Curtains protect your office from accumulating dust and dirt from outside. They keep the air clean and protect your AC from overworking. Also, curtains retain heat during the cold season and create a favourable environment for your employees. However, they need regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and functionality. Dirty curtains can be sources of allergies and respiratory conditions in your office.

As you plan to wash your office curtains, you have to choose between laundry cleaning and dry cleaning. This article will teach you how to select the best cleaning method for the office curtains.

Check the curtain label

Most fabrics come with a tag that indicates the best cleaning technique. It is essential to follow the instructions on the label to avoid damaging the material by using the wrong cleaning methods or detergents. Find the label and look for any information regarding the type of cleaning that is required. If it is written "dry clean only" or "laundry only", you should not wash it using another method. However, if the label says "laundry or dry clean", you can use either method for cleaning.

Inspect the embroidery

Curtains come with embroidery that may be glued or sewn into the material. The technique used in attaching the adornments will determine the best cleaning technique for the fabric. Ideally, curtains with glue-in detailing should be dry cleaned to protect the glue from coming off. On the other hand, those that have sown embroidery can be laundry washed. Inspect the curtains and find out how the adornments have been bonded to the material and select the cleaning method that will protect them.

Inspect the material

Your curtains may not have a label that indicates the best cleaning method. In this case, you have to inspect the fabric to determine whether it should be washed in a dry cleaner or laundry machine. Silk, velvet, acetate, and wool curtains should be dry-cleaned. That's because dry cleaning reduces shrinkage in fabric and protects the curtains from distortion. On the other hand, you can clean linen, cotton, cashmere, nylon, acrylic, and polyester curtains in the laundry. If you are not sure of the type of material used for the curtains, consult with a professional first before cleaning it.

Choosing the right cleaning technique is equally essential when washing your office curtains. Contact a professional curtain cleaning service so that they can help you select the best cleaning method that will maintain the quality of your office curtains.