Things to Consider Before Hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Company

15 September 2016
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Moving out of a rented home is arguably more challenging than moving out of a place that you've just sold. In addition to the logistics involved in the safe transportation of your possessions to a new location, you need to worry about how clean your former property might be. If the property is in an excellent condition and you have sufficient time, then you might wish to take care of the cleaning yourself. If time is of the essence, you might find it easier to hire an end of lease cleaning company. Many companies operating in this field know exactly what will be assessed during the final inspection, and such a service can make it more likely that you will receive your bond back in its entirety. Before choosing a company to clean your home at the end of the lease, there are a few things you need to consider.

The Guarantee

Does the cleaning company in question offer a bond return guarantee? While such guarantees are certainly offered by a number of companies, you will still need to check the fine print. What provisions do they have in place for when the landlord or real estate agent is not satisfied with the cleaning job? In many instances this will require the cleaning agent to make a return visit to the property. If this is necessary, will there be an additional charge? Please remember that even when a cleaning company offers a guarantee with regards to having your bond returned, they have no control over any part of the property that has been damaged or poorly maintained. Such guarantees only pertain to the cleanliness of the property.

Operating Hours

What are their working hours? If you want to move out of your rented home on a weekend, you might need a company that also works on the weekend. Of course, the property needs to be empty before it can be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. But the end of your lease might not allow enough time for this to happen on a weekday after you've moved out. Check to see that the cleaning company's operating hours are in line with your needs.


What sort of warranty is on offer? Many companies will stand by their work for a predetermined period of time after the cleaning has taken place. This might be several days, but it really will vary depending on the company. If such a warranty expires prior to your final inspection, you might need to pay an additional fee for more cleaning if your landlord is unsatisfied with the cleanliness of the property. You need to check that a warranty of this nature is in effect, and that you schedule the cleaning on a date so that the warranty is still in effect at the time of the final inspection.

An end of lease cleaning company can make a challenging job far easier on you, although it's important to ensure that you hire a company that can fully meet your needs and schedule.