What The Landlord Will Check Before A Tenant Moves Out

17 August 2015
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For a tenant, getting your bond back can sometimes be a little difficult. The landlord has a checklist that they work through in order to ensure that the property is left as it was found. A bond clean involves cleaning the areas of the property that you would not normally clean or at least clean only very occasionally. This article details some of the things on the checklist, allowing you to ensure that these places are clean before getting the landlord in for a final inspection.

Inside The Oven

Many tenants will spend some time cleaning the top and the exterior of the oven. However, many forget to clean inside the appliance. When inspecting the property, a landlord will always physically open the oven and check the condition inside. They are looking for grease spots and other dirt that has collected inside the oven and has caked in. You will need to spend some time — usually more time than it takes to clean the top and exterior of the oven – properly cleaning the inside of the oven. Remember that when you open the oven door, any exposed metal hinges will also have to be cleaned. If the oven has an internal light, make sure you clean this too. Wipe down all of the buttons, such as the extractor fan button, as these can gather dirt as well. Flip the buttons and wipe the exposed part.

Garbage Area

This is another area that the landlord will have on his checklist. Even if the area where the garbage is kept looks clean, any missed garbage can begin to rot and attract wildlife due to the smell — this is not good, from the landlord's point of view, when showing new tenants around the property. To get your bond back, thoroughly scrub down the walls and floor, preferably with a hose. Use a scented cleaning agent as this gives a fresh smell and will let the landlord know that you have spent time cleaning this area.

The Drains

Any drainage problems will affect the possibility of you getting the bond back. It is fairly common for tenants to pour grease or fat down the drains, meaning that if you do not take action to clear them, the landlord will notice. It can cost a decent amount of money to unblock the drains — money that will be taken out of your bond if you do not ensure that they are clean.

Also ensure that you you give the landlord the same amount of keys you got when renting the property. If you only have one key, and were given two, the landlord will not accept you saying that you will drop the other set of later; he will simply use your bond to get another key cut.

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