Two reasons to hire a professional to deep clean your garage

27 February 2019
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If your garage is extremely dirty, it is best to get it deep-cleaned by a professional. Read on to find out why. DIY attempts to clean concrete floors and walls are likely to be ineffective and may cause damage Most garages feature bare concrete floors and walls. If this is the case with your garage, then it is important to use the services of a cleaner that offers concrete cleaning. Read More 

Construction Waste Management: Three Practical Tips for Using Rubbish Chutes

16 October 2018
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Storeyed construction worksites can generate a lot of rubbish such as demolition debris, supplies packaging, scrap and building materials cut-off. If the garbage is not managed properly, there will be chaos on the worksite. The rubbish will cause numerous hazards on the site. In addition, the space will be disorganised, causing inefficiencies. Therefore, you should plan on managing your waste effectively by using a rubbish or garbage chute. This structure will ensure quick and efficient worksite clean-up of the garbage on the upper floors of your worksite. Read More 

A Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Office Sanitary

4 June 2018
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The bathroom is one of the communal rooms in your office that can get dirty and unsanitary if not maintained. Unfortunately, an unclean bathroom is not something you want in your facility. Not only does it increase the risk of illness, but it can also taint your business image to clients and visitors. That's why you need to be on top of your cleaning game to ensure that the facility is sanitary and safe to use at all times. Read More 

Laundry vs. Dry Cleaning: How to Choose the Best Cleaning Method for Your Office Curtains

12 March 2018
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Are your office curtains looking dull and old? That's because you haven't cleaned them for ages. Curtains protect your office from accumulating dust and dirt from outside. They keep the air clean and protect your AC from overworking. Also, curtains retain heat during the cold season and create a favourable environment for your employees. However, they need regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and functionality. Dirty curtains can be sources of allergies and respiratory conditions in your office. Read More 

Things to Consider Before Hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Company

15 September 2016
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Moving out of a rented home is arguably more challenging than moving out of a place that you've just sold. In addition to the logistics involved in the safe transportation of your possessions to a new location, you need to worry about how clean your former property might be. If the property is in an excellent condition and you have sufficient time, then you might wish to take care of the cleaning yourself. Read More