Different Reasons to Opt For Carpet Steam Cleaning

15 December 2015
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Most homeowners tend to have carpets in their home to enhance their comfort. Generally, you will opt to spot clean stains as well as vacuum your carpet regularly so as to ensure it is not only clean, but remains attractive too. However, although your carpets may appear to be spick and span, there are always micro particles and organisms being embedded into the fibres. These seep deeper into the carpet and simple vacuuming may not suffice to ensure that your carpet is spotless. Read More 

Waste Management Tips for Your Business

18 November 2015
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One of the expenses that many businesses need to be concerned with is waste production. The amount of waste that you produce correlates to the amount of waste that you have to dispose of. If you look to cut back on the amount of waste that you produce, you can not only save money as a business, but you also have the ability to impact the environment positively as a result. Read More 

Why you should have an emergency carpet cleaning kit in your home

2 September 2015
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Carpet is something that can make a house feel like a home. It will feel comfortable and soft underneath your feet and help to keep you warm in the winter months. But carpets can be high maintenance. This can put some people off from choosing carpet for their home when actually, they could make life much easier for themselves by simply having an action plan when it comes to carpet cleaning. Read More 

Steam Cleaning A Carpet To Get Your Bond Back

28 August 2015
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Many tenants discover that when they move out of a rented property, the landlord will demand that the property is in exactly the same condition as when it was first leased out to them. However, this is not quite right. Section 64 (b) of the Residential Tenancie Act(1997) states that the property should be in 'substantially' the same condition as when first rented out, exceptfor fair wear and tear. This includes any carpets and rugs. Read More 

Elders and Skip Bin Safety Tips: Stay Safe During Your Next Home Project

24 August 2015
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If you are an elder considering a skip bin hire for a home project, there are several safety tips you should keep in mind. If you want to avoid injuring yourself or anyone else, take a look at these ideas. They will allow you to use your skip as safely as possible: 1. Opt for a door If you have strength or mobility issues due to aging, a door can be an essential part of the skip you hire. Read More